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The popular hiking trail is based on a travelogue by the writer Fran Levstik. Joining the thousands of people who finish the organized march in November!

Levstik’s trail was created in 1987, when 397 travellers from all over Slovenia set off to finish it. The starting point of the route is the street named Levstikova ulica in the old city centre of Litija. The path leads through Ježni vrh, Vinji vrh and Poljane nad Sevno, Gornji and Dolnji vrh, Zagrič and Razbore, and finally, the trail ends in Čatež. The 33-kilometre route will take you through beautiful landscapes, hills, meadows, fields, forests and wine-growing areas. From Litija to Čatež March is held each year on the second Saturday in November.



ADDRESS: Zavod Levstikova pot, Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo

CONTACT: 041 649 351


Badjur Circular Trail is a 100-kilometre-long mountain path which surrounds the municipalities of Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji like a wreath. It promises an unforgettable experience.

The trail is named after the avid mountaineer Rudolf Badjura, born in 1881, in Litija. There are several checkpoints along the route, and each hiker can determine his own order and direction of the path.
The trail is one of the long-distance mountain trails registered with the Alpine Association of Slovenia. Hikers can stamp their diaries at the multiple checkpoints, and once they visit them all, they obtain a mountaineering badge or a special plaque.


ADDRESS: Planinsko društvo Litija, Ponoviška cesta 12, 1270 Litija

CONTACT: 041 334 726


The thematic Charcoal Trail runs past the charcoal homesteads and charcoal piles in Dole pri Litiji. You will be able to learn all about the centuries-old tradition of charcoal burning, which has been preserved to this day.

The trail starts and ends at the hunting manor in Kal pri Dolah. The entire route runs through 12 kilometres of grass, forest and asphalt terrain. During your walk, you will get to see charcoal piles in various stages of preparation. The trail is not physically demanding, is well marked and takes about 5 hours. It runs past the villages Suhadole and Gradišče and through the village Slavina, to the picturesque waterfall Bena, which is at the lowest altitude of the Charcoal Trail. Then you ascend to the church of St. Catherine and the Pr’ Krjan tourist farm in Dobovica. Continue to the lookout point above the Sopota and Bistrica valleys. Then head past the Zavrh castle and back to the hunting manor in Kal pri Dolah. Visitors can walk the Charcoal Trail alone or with a guide, and there is also an organised march every year in May.


ADDRESS: Športno društvo Dole pri Litiji, Dole pri Litiji 20, 1273 Dole pri Litiji

CONTACT: 051 358 876


The trail circles the wider area of ​​Polšnik and connects the churches that our ancestors built on special sightseeing spots containing strong energy.

The well-marked Church to Church Trail is about 12 kilometres long, and takes around 4 hours. The route is undemanding and suitable for all generations. It starts at the parish church in the centre of Polšnik, passes the plague sign in Sušje and then continues along the longer route to Ostrež. The route then descends to the Church of St. Catherine. At Preveg, signposts direct you towards the grassy plateau and then all the way to Stranski vrh, where you will find the Church of St. Lawrence.
Pass the village of Glinjek where you can find the Church of St. George and then head to the wind-blown stove. Pass the hunting manor to return to the centre of Polšnik. Join the organized march in June and enjoy home-made delicacies, music and happy company.


ADDRESS: Krajevna skupnost Polšnik, Polšnik 25/B, 1272 Polšnik

CONTACT: info@polsnik.si


An undemanding path, suitable for all seasons, that takes you past farms and churches in the Jablanica Valley.

An 18-kilometer-long, less demanding, marked circular path starts at the fire station and leads past the church of St. Anne, from where the cart tracks will lead you to Jablaniške Laze. Follow the road through the hamlet of Bukovica and then cross the road. Continue through the forest towards the hamlet of Prlesje. You reach a checkpoint at the Pr’ Kavc farm, which is located somewhere in the middle of the path on a hill overlooking Triglav. Turn towards Mamolje to the Church of St. John the Baptist. Continue along the road and turn left for Čebelnik. Soon after you join the road, you have to turn left onto a forest path, which leads to the hamlet of Zelenec. In Dobovec, you can admire the beautiful view of Vače and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in the background. When you reach the village of Gradišče pri Litiji, you have to ascend to the Church of St. Anne and then continue the path around the hill to the village. After about 3 kilometres, you will return to the starting point in Zgornja Jablanica. If you like hiking in good company and having fun, take part in the organized March along the Slopes of Jablaniška Dolina Valley on the first Saturday in April.


ADDRESS: Društvo za razvoj podeželja LAZ, Zgornja Jablanica 1, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

CONTACT: 051 312 739


The path is suitable for all who want to explore the wider area of the Geometric Centre of Slovenia for its natural, historical and generally richly diverse attractions.

The 12-kilometre-long circular trail begins and ends in the village of Slivna. When walking past the prehistoric village Vače, makes sure to stop in Klenik to see the enlarged reproduction of the famous Vače Situla. Make additional pit stops at the archaeological site in Krona, where you will find the ruins of a prehistoric settlement. Make sure to also stop in Slemšek, Mačkovec and in the Geometric Centre of Slovenia (GEOSS). The circular trail GEOSS takes around 3 to 4 hours, so be sure to have plenty of time to truly enjoy the experience and see the amazing attractions along the way.


ADDRESS: Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a, Vače 10, 1252 Vače

CONTACT: 041 895 852


The educational trail runs throug the wider slope of Svibno and is a popular recreational point for locals.

There are 13 explanatory boards located throughout the Svibno Educational Trail, and each of them tells you some interesting titbits about the surrounding forest and nature. The trail is especially suitable for families with children, who can learn something new during a pleasant hike through the forest. The length of the route is about 2.5 km and takes about an hour of your time.


ADDRESS: Mladinski center Litija, Ponoviška cesta 12, 1270 Litija

CONTACT: 01 898 01 19, 051 443 410


Breath-taking views, idyllic nature and friendly people. What more could you ask for? The hiking trail leads you around the hill where the village Slivna and the Geometric Centre of Slovenia are located.

In Slivna, an 8-kilometre-long circular trail begins and ends, embracing the Slivna massif with the highest peak Pivkelj at 880 meters above sea level. The path is well marked, not demanding and suitable for all generations. The hike lasts from 3 to 4 hours, and leads you through cart tracks, forests, meadows and narrow paths. When the weather is nice, you can admire the picturesque view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Triglav in the distance. On top of that, you can also appreciate the beauty of the Sava River valley. If you want to be surrounded by beautiful views, this is definitely the place for you!


ADDRESS: Društvo za razvoj Slivne, Slivna 15, 1252 Vače

CONTACT: 031 304 693


People have been drawn to Vače and its wider area since ancient times, as evidenced by multiple archaeological sites. Explore them!

Discover and study the archaeological sites in Vače. Along the archaeological trail, you will get acquainted with the exceptional past of this area, which goes back to the Iron Age. Today, the trail is enriched with the customs and habits of that time, under the professional guidance of the archaeologist dr. Vojka Cestnik. To make the experience even more unforgettable, the Kolenc Family Theatre takes care of the special theatrical moments. Immerse yourself into the world of top craftsmen who made exceptional products (such as the Vače Situla). The trail is 5 kilometres long and marked with signposts.


ADDRESS: Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a, Vače 10, 1252 Vače

CONTACT: 041 895 852


The hiking trail, located in Primskovo, was named after the healer and miracle man Jurij Humar. History lovers, pilgrims and peace seekers will definitely fall in love with this wonderful trail.

The 12-kilometre-long circular path runs through the municipalities of Šmartno pri Litiji, Trebnje and Ivančna Gorica. You start the route at the bar Okrepčevalnica Žonta in Stranje pr Velikem Gabru. In the hamlet of Menguš, next to the old mill, you begin the ascent to the top of Primskova gora, where you will find the remains of an anti-Turkish camp with as many as three churches, a tombstone and one of the oldest linden trees in Slovenia. Along the way to the top of the mountain, you will pass by 14 Stations of the Cross, and the villages Gradišče, Kopačija, Sevno, Gornji vrh, Dolnji vrh, Žubina and Stranj. After that, you return back to the starting point of the hike.



ADDRESS: Zavod Levstikova pot, Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo

CONTACT: 041 649 351


The path through the picturesque Dolenjska region offers a breath-taking view of the vineyards and beautiful hills.

Anton’s 10-kilometre trail is suitable for almost everyone, as there are no difficult ascents and a large part of the trail is hidden under a pleasant forest shade. You start and end your journey in Gabrovka, in front of the fire station. Continue along the slope of Moravška gora and in the direction of Vodice and Podpeč pod Skalco. Next, go along the Mirna stream on Holovca, where you will find the spinning mill wheels of Levšet’s mill. In Moravče near Gabrovka, you can stop at Resnik’s granary and then return to Gabrovka. If you’d like some company on your walk, you can join the organized hike on the second Saturday in June.


ADDRESS: Zavod Levstikova pot, Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo

CONTACT: 041 649 351


A beautiful trail showcasing vineyards and vineyard cottages for lovers of nature and Cviček.

The trail takes you through the wine-growing area at the boarder of Lower Carniola, in the municipalities of Litija and Šmartno pri Litiji.

The 7-kilometre hiking trail is marked with information boards about the vineyards, vineyard cottages and other beautiful sights. The path runs from the fire station in Liberga through Preska nad Kostrevnico. It continues through the forest to Stara gora and ends in Vinji vrh, where you can treat yourself to a glass of top-quality home-made wine Cviček, which is the locals’ pride and joy.


ADDRESS: Vinogradniško društvo Štuc Šmartno, Staretov trg 25, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji

CONTACT: 051 644 060, 01 898 78 20

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