The colorful world of the Sitarjevec Litija Mine boasts a rich history and remarkable geological features. For centuries, miners from Litija have ventured into the tunnels above and below the Sava River, uncovering one of the richest mineral deposits in Europe and the world, as well as an exceptional site of rapidly growing limonite stalactites.

A 3-hour guided experience includes:

Suitable visiting times: by prior arrangement all year round, in all weathers
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: from 2 to 10 persons
Distance from Ljubljana: 37 km (40 min)
Starting point: Sitarjevec Mine Litija, Sitarjevška cesta 46, Litija (N 46°03’00.0″,E 14°49’51.2″)
Recommended: warm clothes and suitable footwear for entering the mine, where the temperature is constantly 10°C and humidity 100%Duration: 3 hours

Experience the former mining town of Litija in its most authentic image by entering the Sitarjevec Litija Mine, where you are embraced by the cold and high moisture content that accompanied the Litija miners at work every day. Accompanied by a guide, you descend into the mysterious depths of the mine, into the Main Trench, which is arranged as a modern underground museum, and into the Main Trench, through which water and limonite mud flow. The light in this dark part of the mine, like the former miners, is provided only by a headlamp. Capture stunning views of colorful minerals and incredibly fast-growing limonite stalactites in a thin beam of light, a world-class geological feature.

Enjoy the tastes of Sitarjevska mal’ca, which consists of simple ingredients that were once brought for lunch by miners from home. In the mine you will be served a modern version.

At the end, visit the boutique shop in the reception of the mine and choose a local product that will remind you of the adventure in the Sitarjevec Litija Mine.

How to reach us?

By car: Litija is easily accessible by various roads from Ljubljana, Zasavje and Lower Carniola. Enter the address of the mine in your navigation system and let the adventure begin.

By public transport: Litija is most easily accessible by train ( Such a trip is always a very special experience for children. The train ride from Ljubljana takes a good half an hour, just the same amount of time you need to walk through the city to reach the mine. At the train station, turn left and cross the bridge over the Sava River. At the church of St. Nicholas, turn onto the walkway, which runs slightly upward along the Sitarjevec hill. At the crossroads at the cemetery, keep right (signpost). Follow the road at the edge of the forest until you reach the last signpost. After another 250 m you will arrive to the plateau in front of the entrance to the mine.

By bike: Litija is also suitable cycling enthusiasts. Load the bike on a car or train. You can upgrade the trip to the mine by visiting the surroundings of Litija or choose a flat road to cycle back to Ljubljana along the Sava River, passing Kresnice.

Additional offers:

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The charcoal land in Dole pri Litiji with a charcoal trail and a charcoal homestead (26 km),

City of Bogenšperk (8.4 km).

Information: TIC Litija, Valvazorjev trg 10, 1270 Litija, E:, T: +386 59 940 503, M: +386 70 700 484, FB: Visit Litija