Charcoal burning in the traditional way – in charcoal pits, is one of the oldest artisanal and cultural techniques known to mankind. Charcoal burning is listed in the national register of intangible cultural heritage, representing a commitment to preserving the old technique of charcoal making and transferring knowledge to younger generations.

Traditional charcoal burning, enriched with stories of charcoal burners, their way of work and life, along with charcoal culinary delights, is an innovative tourist offer of the Slovenian countryside that you can experience only in the Charcoal Land in Dol pri Litiji, where you become a charcoal burner for a day.

Becoming an active part of the charcoal family, feeling the authenticity of the countryside, tasting traditional charcoal delicacies, and cooking black gold is a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else in Slovenia.    

The 4-hour guided experience includes:

Suitable visit time: 3 weeks in April, May, June and September
Distance from Ljubljana: 50 km
Starting point: Brinovec Charcoal Homestead, Slavina 1, 1273 Dole pri Litiji
Number of participants: 5 to 15 persons
Duration: 1 day
Recommended: sports clothes and suitable footwear