The ancient tradition of cooking charcoal in coal mines has been preserved in Dole pri Litiji to this day, which is a great specialty far and wide. The smell of smoke from the charcoal piles will accompany you as you walk along the Charcoal Trail.


Charcoal burners light up to 30 piles in Spring and Autumn next to their homesteads on the edge of forests, from which they extract top-quality charcoal. On the hike along the Charcoal Trail learn why wood is so important here and how it is processed into charcoal. Making a charcoal pile is a very demanding task, to which the charcoal burners devote more than 40 days. The process involves preparing the pile and wood, stacking and covering the pile, cooking, charring, and finally tearing up the pile.

The well-marked circular hiking trail starts at the hunting lodge in Dole pri Litiji and runs through forest and meadow trails. Stop at the Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead or one of the other charcoal homesteads and try the black charcoal bread. You will be impressed not only by charcoal piles and friendly locals, but also by the tranquillity of nature and forest animals, which are usually somewhere very close.

On the way, pour yourself some fresh water at the Ben waterfall. Refresh yourself with a snack or lunch at the Pr ‘Krjan Tourist Farm and enjoy beautiful views on all sides of the sky – the Alps, the Posavje hills and the Dolenjska hills. Before returning to the starting point of the circular route, stop at the former hunting lodge of Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor in Zavrh, a cultural monument from the time of nobles.

When to visit: Spring – Fall

Distance from Ljubljana: 70 km

Distance from Litija: 26 km

Starting/finishing point:pri lovski koči v Kalu (N 46°03’56”, E 15°01’59”)

Length: 12,5 km

Duration: 4 – 5 hours

Route difficulty: the route is more demanding and is suitable for active recreationists

Recommendations: comfortable hiking shoes, trekking poles

Along the way, visit:

In the vicinity, visit:

Information: TIC Litija, Valvazorjev trg 10, 1270 Litija, E:, T: +386 59 940 503, M: +386 70 700 484, FB: Visit Litija