Life in Litija and the surrounding areas used to be closely connected to the Sitarjevec mine, which was the main source of livelihood. Wood was also seen as a real fortune, and the locals learned to process it into top quality charcoal. Listen to the stories of miners, admire Litija’s underground through the unique world of minerals and rocks and spend time in the company of charcoal burners from the Land of Charcoal.


Look at the presentation of charcoal production process at the Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead, and taste the charcoal bread and local delicacies.

Sitarjevec mine Litija is one of the biggest ore deposits in Slovenia and one of the biggest attractions of Litija’s underground, with over 60 types of colourful minerals and the fastest growing stalactites in the world. The mine, which is now open only for tourist purposes, used to be the main source of lead and mercury ore. Listen to the stories of hard work and the brave hearts of former miners, who were often exposed to accidents.

The mineral wealth and the numerous ore deposits were already mentioned by the the famous Slovene polyhistor Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor, who lived in the Bogenšperk Castle in the 17th century. At the castle, see the original copy of The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola, the copper printery and various collections that reveal Valvasor’s experience of nature, science, art, people and the time in which he lived.

After lunch, visit the Charcoal Land in Dole pri Litiji, where the centuries old tradition of charcoal burning is being kept alive. Charcoal burners light up to 30 piles next to their homesteads in Spring and Autumn, from which they extract top-quality charcoal. Making a charcoal pile is a very demanding task, to which charcoal burners devote more than 40 days. The process involves preparing the pile and wood, stacking and covering the pile, cooking, charring, and finally tearing up the pile. At the Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead the entire charcoaling process is presented and charcoal bread is served, so make sure to try it!

When to visit: any time in the year

Distance: from Ljubljana: 40 km
Starting/finishing point: by prior agreement
Number of participants: 10 minimum
Duration: whole-day tour
Foreign language: English

Price per person: 92,50 EUR (10-19 persons), 71,00 EUR (20-29 persons), 65,00 EUR (30-39 persons), 62,00 EUR (more than 40 persons), the price differs according to the number of excursionistst.

The price includes: guidance and the organization of the programme, the entrance fees of the City Museum of Litija, Sitarjevec mine and the Bogenšperk castle, lunch and the presentation of the Brinovec Charcoal Burner Homestead.

Reccomendations: warm clothes for visiting the mine (10°C, 100 % dampness).

Information: TIC Litija, Valvazorjev trg 10, 1270 Litija, E:, T: +386 59 940 503, M: +386 70 700 484, FB: Visit LitijaRead less