Explore places on the threshold of Ljubljana with a rich history, beautiful nature and friendly people who were settled very early due to the richness of ores and the proximity of the Sava River.


Geometric Centre of Slovenia (GEOSS) is a geographically defined point on the map of Slovenia that connect all Slovenians as the heart of the country. The memorial in Spodnja Slivna includes carved verses of the Slovenian national anthem and there’s also the traditional linden tree; together, they symbolise the centre of all Slovenians.

See the reproduction of an important artefact from the Iron Age – the famous Vače Situla, which was one of the most important Hallstatt settlements in the territory of Slovenia and beyond in the 5th centuries BC. Take a stroll to the Church of St. Andrew where you can see the unique glass holy sepulchre, made by Czech glassmakers.

Visit the parish Church of St. Nicholas, whose interior of the church is the home of a special mosaic by the incredible artist and theologian Marko Rupnik.

Experience something truly special by visiting the Sitarjevec mine Litija, which is one of the largest ore deposits in Slovenia. The mine is the biggest attraction of Litija’s underground, with over 60 types of colorful minerals and the fastest growing stalactites in the world. The Sitarjevec mine, which is now open only for turist purposes, was once the main source of lead and mercury ore. Listen to the stories of hard work and the brave hearts of former miners, who were often exposed to accidents. What follows is a delicious, homemade lunch.

Visit the Bogenšperk Castle where the famous Slovene polyhistor Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor resided in the 17th century, and see the collections revealing his broad interest in various areas of people’s lives in ancient times. Due to its location in the middle of the forest and the preserved Renaissance image, this cultural monument of national importance is a popular tourist destination.

When to visit: all year round

Distance from Ljubljana: 40 km
Starting / finishing point: negotiable
Duration: all day programme
Foreign language: English

Reccomendations: warm, appropriate clothes and footwear for visiting the mine (10°C, 100 % dampness)

Price per person: 79,50 EUR (10-19 persons), 59,50 EUR (20-29 persons), 54,00EUR (30-39 persons), 51,00 EUR (over 40 persons). The price varies according to the number of participants.

The price includes: guidance and the organization of the programme, guided tour of GEOSS, the entrance fees of Sitarjevec mine and Bogenšperk castle, lunch.

Information: TIC Litija, Valvazorjev trg 10, 1270 Litija, E: info@visitlitija.si, T: +386 59 940 503, M: +386 70 700 484, FB: Visit Litija