The path through the picturesque Dolenjska region offers a breath-taking view of the vineyards and beautiful hills.

Anton’s 10-kilometre trail is suitable for almost everyone, as there are no difficult ascents and a large part of the trail is hidden under a pleasant forest shade. You start and end your journey in Gabrovka, in front of the fire station. Continue along the slope of Moravška gora and in the direction of Vodice and Podpeč pod Skalco. Next, go along the Mirna stream on Holovca, where you will find the spinning mill wheels of Levšet’s mill. In Moravče near Gabrovka, you can stop at Resnik’s granary and then return to Gabrovka. If you’d like some company on your walk, you can join the organized hike on the second Saturday in June.


ADDRESS: Zavod Levstikova pot, Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo

CONTACT: 041 649 351