People have been drawn to Vače and its wider area since ancient times, as evidenced by multiple archaeological sites. Explore them!

Discover and study the archaeological sites in Vače. Along the archaeological trail, you will get acquainted with the exceptional past of this area, which goes back to the Iron Age. Today, the trail is enriched with the customs and habits of that time, under the professional guidance of the archaeologist dr. Vojka Cestnik. To make the experience even more unforgettable, the Kolenc Family Theatre takes care of the special theatrical moments. Immerse yourself into the world of top craftsmen who made exceptional products (such as the Vače Situla). The trail is 5 kilometres long and marked with signposts.


ADDRESS: Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a, Vače 10, 1252 Vače

CONTACT: 041 895 852