The thematic Charcoal Trail runs past the charcoal homesteads and charcoal piles in Dole pri Litiji. You will be able to learn all about the centuries-old tradition of charcoal burning, which has been preserved to this day.

The trail starts and ends at the hunting manor in Kal pri Dolah. The entire route runs through 12 kilometres of grass, forest and asphalt terrain. During your walk, you will get to see charcoal piles in various stages of preparation. The trail is not physically demanding, is well marked and takes about 5 hours. It runs past the villages Suhadole and Gradišče and through the village Slavina, to the picturesque waterfall Bena, which is at the lowest altitude of the Charcoal Trail. Then you ascend to the church of St. Catherine and the Pr’ Krjan tourist farm in Dobovica. Continue to the lookout point above the Sopota and Bistrica valleys. Then head past the Zavrh castle and back to the hunting manor in Kal pri Dolah. Visitors can walk the Charcoal Trail alone or with a guide, and there is also an organised march every year in May.


ADDRESS: Športno društvo Dole pri Litiji, Dole pri Litiji 20, 1273 Dole pri Litiji

CONTACT: 051 358 876