The trail circles the wider area of ​​Polšnik and connects the churches that our ancestors built on special sightseeing spots containing strong energy.

The well-marked Church to Church Trail is about 12 kilometres long, and takes around 4 hours. The route is undemanding and suitable for all generations. It starts at the parish church in the centre of Polšnik, passes the plague sign in Sušje and then continues along the longer route to Ostrež. The route then descends to the Church of St. Catherine. At Preveg, signposts direct you towards the grassy plateau and then all the way to Stranski vrh, where you will find the Church of St. Lawrence.
Pass the village of Glinjek where you can find the Church of St. George and then head to the wind-blown stove. Pass the hunting manor to return to the centre of Polšnik. Join the organized march in June and enjoy home-made delicacies, music and happy company.


ADDRESS: Krajevna skupnost Polšnik, Polšnik 25/B, 1272 Polšnik