The path is suitable for all who want to explore the wider area of the Geometric Centre of Slovenia for its natural, historical and generally richly diverse attractions.

The 12-kilometre-long circular trail begins and ends in the village of Slivna. When walking past the prehistoric village Vače, makes sure to stop in Klenik to see the enlarged reproduction of the famous Vače Situla. Make additional pit stops at the archaeological site in Krona, where you will find the ruins of a prehistoric settlement. Make sure to also stop in Slemšek, Mačkovec and in the Geometric Centre of Slovenia (GEOSS). The circular trail GEOSS takes around 3 to 4 hours, so be sure to have plenty of time to truly enjoy the experience and see the amazing attractions along the way.


ADDRESS: Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a, Vače 10, 1252 Vače

CONTACT: 041 895 852