The popular hiking trail is based on a travelogue by the writer Fran Levstik. Joining the thousands of people who finish the organized march in November!

Levstik’s trail was created in 1987, when 397 travellers from all over Slovenia set off to finish it. The starting point of the route is the street named Levstikova ulica in the old city centre of Litija. The path leads through Ježni vrh, Vinji vrh and Poljane nad Sevno, Gornji and Dolnji vrh, Zagrič and Razbore, and finally, the trail ends in Čatež. The 33-kilometre route will take you through beautiful landscapes, hills, meadows, fields, forests and wine-growing areas. From Litija to Čatež March is held each year on the second Saturday in November.



ADDRESS: Zavod Levstikova pot, Sevno 44, 1276 Primskovo

CONTACT: 041 649 351