The cycling route along the left and right banks of the Sava River in the municipality of Litija is 31 kilometres long, and can be cycled in 2.5 hours. Part of the path is paved, part macadam, and part of it runs through a forest. The path is of harder difficulty.

Start in Litija and cycle along the byway on the right bank alongside the River Sava towards Podšentjur. When the road crosses the stream at the Beden Farm, turn left by the stream. At the first junction, turn sharply right uphill towards Veliki Vrh. At the end of the village, turn right and join onto the steep cart track taking you north of Veliki Vrh to the sign at the other side of the hill. Continue along the ridge towards the Kofelač Farm. On joining the asphalt road, turn right and descend towards Kresniški Vrh. When the road turns right, cycle straight ahead on the cart track. On reaching the road again, cross it and continue downhill. This trail is very challenging, for that reason you can cycle along the local road as well. In Kresnice, cross the River Sava and turn left onto the main road Litija-Ljubljana. Soon, turn right uphill towards the village Dešen. Turn right once again and traverse the slope. Continue past Zapodje, through Mala Sela and Močila towards the pass Klanec. Part of the route from Klanec to Vače is very challenging, for that reason you can also continue along the road there. Descend from Vače to Ržišče and at the sharp right turn, cycle straight onto the forest trail taking you via Kržac to the village Konj. Descend further towards the pass, crossing the local road Hotič-Ponoviče. Continue on the cart track straight uphill along the ridge. Shortly below the peak of the hill Strešni vrh, cycle along the contour line past the peak. By the bench below the hill Strešni vrh, descend right downhill along the Forest Learning Trail into Litija.