The cycling route starts in Litija and leads you to Dole pri Litiji, through Podkum back to the river Sava and then through Zagorje to Zasavska Sveta Gora. It is as long as 72 kilometres, which can be cycled in 4.5 hours. Part of the road is paved and part is macadam. The route is very demanding.

The route starts in the centre of Litija – at the square Valvazorjev trg. Continue towards Zagorje and at the end of Litija, at the roundabout, turn right uphill. After 500 m, at the top of the slope, the road branches left and takes you downhill towards Breg pri Litiji. Cycle through Tenetiše and go up the valley Jablaniška dolina before turning left uphill towards Velika Preska. The route takes you on a steep climb up, in the middle of which go right towards the village Velika Goba, coming into the Charcoal Land. On reaching the village, cycle through the village Črepinje and head downhill into the valley of the Bistrica River. You will notice the first charcoal piles. In order to reach the centre of the Charcoal Land, head up the short, steep grade towards Dole pri Litiji. Turn left and continue through the plateau with small climbs, then cycle downhill into the intact valley of the River Sopota, turning right on the macadam road and continuing alongside the river. On reaching the settlement Medvešek, turn left and head uphill to the village Podkum, which is also the starting point of hiking trails to the mountain Kum (1,200 m) – the highest peak of the range Posavsko hribovje. In Podkum, cycle towards Zagorje, then downhill into the valley of the River Sava. Cycle for 1 km along the regional road, where you have to be very careful. Cross the bridge over the River Sava on the right, continue through Zagorje ob Savi, staying left at the end of the town and heading towards Čolnišče. The route takes you on a 4-km-long steep climb to the village Kal, then slightly downhill to the village Brezovica. Cycle through the village Rovišče and climb once again to the mountain Zasavska Sveta gora (852 m), which offers a stunning panoramic spot. When heading down, be careful to turn right towards Vače before the village Rovišče. The route takes you downhill to the settlement Sava. Turn right and continue towards the starting point in Litija.