The cycling route partly runs along the Levstik path and ends in Šentrupert. It is 32 kilometres long and can be cycled in 2 hours. Part of the path is paved, part macadam, and part leads through a forest path. The path is of medium difficulty.

The cycling route starts in the old town centre of Litija and takes you to Breg pri Litiji. Turn right before the bridge over the stream Jablaniški potok and cycle past the industrial zone. After 100 m, you will come to the beginning of the hiking trail to Tisje. The first part of the trail is very steep, then a gently sloping cart track follows and takes you up the rising ridge. Cross the road Mala Kostrevnica-Cerovica and keep following the cart track along the ridge. On reaching Grmadca, join the road towards Jelša. The road descends here but you will follow the cart track taking you straight across the meadow to the settlement Bič. Join the road here and cycle up to Liberga and on to Preska nad Kostrevnico. Continue in the same direction to the top of Grmada. Turn left and go past the settlement Cerovec and on to the pass Javorski Pil. Cross the regional road Litija-Gabrovka and carry straight on towards Javorje pri Gabrovki and via Velika Goba to Čeplje. Leaving Čeplje, you will descend into the valley of the stream Bistrica, turn sharply right and descend again along the cart track alongside the stream. The route climbs towards Hude Ravne and descends again into the valley of the stream Bistrica. Follow the road leading you to Šentrupert alongside the stream.