The cycling route leading right through the Heart of Slovenia, which ends in Litija, is 80 kilometres long and can be cycled in 3.5 hours. The path is paved and of medium difficulty.

The route starts in the town Kamnik and takes you towards the South, turning towards Domžale at the roundabout. On reaching Domžale, follow the signs for highway and, after crossing the bridge over the River Kamniška Bistrica, turn right via Ihan, Videm and Dol pri Ljubljani to Dolsko. In Dolsko, turn right towards Laze and cross the bridge over the River Sava. After the bridge, continue towards Ljubljana alongside the River Sava. After crossing the bridge over the River Ljubljanica and reaching Zalog, turn left below the railway towards Sostro. In Zgornji Kašelj, cross the bridge over the Ljubljanica once again. The route turns slightly uphill all the way to Pance. Continue the ride downhill to Dole and at the end of the downhill grade, turn right. At the next junction, turn left towards the village Polica and continue straight on to Višnja Gora. After the junction, cycle for 1 km uphill and on to Spodnje Brezovo. Head downhill towards Višnja Gora and continue alongside the Dolenjska Highway all the way to Ivančna Gorica. Cycle through the settlement along the main road and past Šentvid pri Stični towards Raduhova vas. When the road branches off, turn left. The route runs through diverse terrain all the way to Bogenšperk Castle and turns more steeply downhill in Šmartno pri Litiji, passing St. Martin’s Church. A short climb will bring you to Litija – to the square Trg svobode in front of the Plečnik Monument.