The cycling route leads you from Dolsko to Šmartno pri Litiji, to Gabrovka and Dol pri Litiji and ends in Šentrupert. It is 73 kilometres long and can be cycled in 3.5 hours. The path is paved and of hard difficulty.

Starting at the parking place in front of the Dolsko Cultural Centre, the route takes you towards Ljubljana via Dolsko, turning left towards Laze over the Sava Bridge. The road branches right towards Podgrad and runs alongside the railway line Zidani Most-Ljubljana. In the meantime, you can observe the confluence of three rivers – the Ljubljanica, the Sava and the Kamniška Bistrica. In Podgrad by the Pecelj Inn, turn left into the underpass below the railway and continue through the valley of the stream Besnica all the way to the pass on Veliko Trebeljevo. After a climb, the winding road turns slightly downhill, taking you to Šmartno pri Litiji. The road gradually turns uphill all the way to the pass Javorski Pil, offering an overwhelming view over Moravče, Gabrovka and Moravška Gora, full of vineyards and vineyard cottages. After a downhill grade to Moravče, the route turns more steeply uphill via the settlement Dole pri Litiji, reaching its highest point (760 m). After an 8-km-long descent, head downhill for another 450 m towards Strmec and you are already in the valley. After a few hundred metres, you will reach the square in Šentrupert.