The cycling route from Litija to Zasavska Sveta gora is 17 kilometres long, and can be cycled in 1 – 1.5 hours. Part of the path is paved, part macadam, and part of it goes through a forest path. The route is highly difficult and the last part is slightly dangerous. If you are not very well trained and skilful enough, we suggest you get off the bike and walk that part by foot.

The route starts in the old part of Litija. Cross the River Sava and turn right after crossing the bridge. After 4 km of cycling, you will reach Ponoviče Castle. Continue to the settlement Mačkovina, at the crossroads turn left and cycle through the valley of the stream Vidrnica. When the road turns right uphill, cycle alongside the stream on the macadam road. At the crossroads, remains of the mill Piškov mlin are visible. Soon you will reach the restored castle mill. At the junction, turn right uphill to the meadow. You are approaching the homestead by the Ljubek Castle. Continue uphill and join onto the asphalt road, turning left at the sign. Follow the asphalt road, in Vače turn right towards Klenik and cycle along the macadam road past Cvetež and Vovše. In Vovše, there is a well-preserved stone pigsty which is a protected cultural monument. On leaving Vovše, join the cart track uphill towards the mountain Zasavska Sveta gora. Follow the road taking you to the top.