The cycling trail that goes from Litija through Šmartno all the way to Polšnik and through the Jablaniška dolina back to Litija is 38 kilometres long, and can be cycled in 3 hours. Part of the road is paved and part is unpaved. The path is demanding.

A very nice, but demanding cycling tour starts in the centre of Litija. From here, the path leads you through the old town to a short ascent towards Šmartno pri Litiji. Take the left road at the church of St. Martin, which takes you through a low pass and a quarry to Jablaniška dolina, where the main path leads you all the way to the restaurant called Pustov mlin. In a narrow valley begins a 6 km long steady ascent to Velika Preska. After a good kilometre of descent, turn left towards Polšnik. In Polšnik, turn back and head towards Mamolje at the highest part, where the path then leads you along a plateau which offers a beautiful view of Triglav. The path descends through Gradišče back to the Jablaniška dolina, where you turn right in Gradiške Laze. You cycle through the valley for less than a kilometre, then turn right again and cycle through the villages Tenetiše and Breg, where you can try homemade cheese at the Paternoster Homestead or see a collection of Sava pebbles. From Breg, return to the starting point in Litija.