The cycling route, which starts and ends in Litija, and in the meantime ascends to the Geometric Centre of Slovenia, is 30 kilometres long and can be cycled in 2 hours. The road is part paved and part unpaved. The path is of medium difficulty.

Your cycle trip starts in the centre of Litija. Cross the bridge over the River Sava, turn right towards Ponoviče at the intersection and cycle alongside the left bank of the Sava. On arriving to the village Sava, take the first left towards the mountain Zasavska Sveta gora. Go half-way up the grade and turn left towards Vače, a popular hiking spot. You can continue towards the Geometric Centre of Slovenia (GEOSS) and then on to Zgornja Slivna to the panoramic spot by St. Agnes’s Church. On your way back, head downhill along the main road through Vače towards Hotič. After about 300 m, turn left at the big house and building and continue towards Boltija. After a short steep climb through the pass, descend towards Ponoviče. On reaching Ponoviče, turn right and finish your trip in Litija.