The cycling path, which runs along the Sava River and through the hills on its right bank, is 61 kilometres long, and can be cycled in 4 hours. The path is partly paved, partly unpaved.

The start of the route is in Dolsko near Vegov hram Inn, in the neighbouring municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani. While cycling down the village road that runs through Dolsko, turn left towards Laze over the Sava bridge. From there, the path branches off to the right towards Podgrad. In the meantime, you can enjoy the beauty at the confluence of the three rivers. In Podgrad, turn left and continue along the Besnica valley all the way to Veliko Trebeljevo. For more courageous cyclists who are in great shape, the route to Janče is perfect, and it offers a beautiful view from all sides. From Janče, drive along the ridge of the hill to Velika Štanga and then descend to Štangarske Poljane. If you do not go to Janče, stay on the main road in Veliko Trebeljevo and descend to Šmartno pri Litiji. In Šmartno, turn left towards Litija. In Litija you have the option to take your bike on the train that goes in the direction of Ljubljana and exit the train at the station Laze. However, you can cycle along the old road on the right bank of the Sava River for an additional 20 km back to Dolsko. Individual sections of the ascent are suitable for families with children, but we wouldn’t recommend the whole path, as it can be quite tiring.